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*As this page was originally an event page, I have had to keep changing the date. So there is no actual event on anymore, this is just a place where we can update on information. Will be posting soon with an update of what's happening*

Hi all, as most of you may know our Quarantine Station is about to be signed over to a private developer for a 99 year lease! We still have time to stop it and we want you to help us by voicing your opinion.

The developer plans to severely restrict our existing access to the Quarantine Station by creating a area filled with luxury spa centres and a luxury 108 room 5 star hotel.

Large areas of moonah woodland will be damaged by the building of rock pools, boardwalks, glamping tents and car parks, and a proposed jetty in the dolphin sanctuary will increase boating traffic, putting the dolphins and marine life at risk.

We all love the beautiful area and so we are calling you as the locals to have your say!

We believe we may only have 2 weeks left now before papers could be signed so I will post up the flyer with the details of what to email to the Premier and Environment Minister. If you feel you do not have time to create your own email- GUESS WHAT yes I have written a generic email for you all to personal and email off asap to:

Premier Napthine: premier@dpc.vic.gov.au

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Environment Minister: Ryan Smith: ryan.smith@parliament.vic.gov.au

Here is the generic email:

Dear Premier Napthine,

As a concerned Victorian resident I believe that the development at Point Nepean Quarantine Station is inappropriate, will remove our public access and will ruin the existing beauty of our special area.
It is appalling that we the community have not been properly consulted on the proposal. The concept plan is incomplete, scant on detail and gives us an insufficient idea of what is actually being proposed.
The approval process has been extremely secretive and a 99-year lease for the Point Nepean National Park Quarantine Station is extreme and unsuitable.
I object strongly to the proposed Special Use Zone, leaving the community no say in what will happen to our National Park. No one person should be able to override Environmental and Heritage protection.
I believe a jetty will adversely affect the dolphin breeding sanctuary and marine life in general. I do not want precious threatened coastal Moonah woodland damaged, I do not want high rise Hotels or any building in inappropriate places which will affect our environment.

By allowing one private developer to have the rights to this area it is creating an exclusive enclave, which the general public will be locked out of. National Park is our public land where our community spends quality time and where our history lies.

Sharing happy times there with our families we explore the historical buildings, learn our history, witness wildlife and breathe clean fresh air. If this development goes ahead we will be a very disgruntled and unhappy community. I feel as a community member that the current planning process for the Quarantine Station should be stopped and a process with proper community consultation introduced, which will ensure the protection of the site’s environmental, cultural and built heritage values.
I also fear and reject the repercussions of the Special Use zone, which will allow further privatization of our National Parks.

Save Point Nepean, Portsea händelse

Arrow Exterminating

Arrow Exterminating

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