lördag, 22. juli 2028, Brisbane, QLD, Solar Eclipse 2028!

från 22. juli 2028 - 10:25
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Forget the Hilton pool parties and Summafieldayze, there is something better on the horizon. There is a total solar eclipse in Sydney on July 22, 2028! For those who have seen totality it is an amazing event. So get excited!!!

Depending on the weather, we can all view it in or just outside of Sydney, Australia. I have called the local weather station three times but they keep telling me they still haven't got a weather forecast for the day yet. I will try again shortly.

I will be supplying some nibblies so I need to know numbers ASAP for catering. Most of the food I will provide won't even be invented yet. But some types will still be around. Cheezels will definitely still be around. And bubble o'bills. Not too sure about Minties. So if you are coming just for Minties I wouldn't count on it. I am guessing there will be some type of sushi lollies invented by then.

I have given the Hilton hotel the heads up as our accommodation of choice. It will be quite expensive by 2028 but if you put aside $50 now into a bank account, compounding quarterly = a lot of money. This should cover flights/accommodation, living like a king for a day and laughing at the peasants.

Now I realise that some of you might die between now and 2028. If this is the case I appreciate if you can give at least two months notice before you die as I need to know how many eclipse glasses we need. Also if you can organise someone to replace you that will be great. It is preferable that your replacement be someone of our generation because kids these days are going to be morons when they grow up. Just saying.

Directions - no need for directions, by 2028 your hoverboard will have an inbuilt navigation system.

I will be sending out messages to this group on a weekly basis for the next 16 years. Just letting everyone know of new lollies that have been invented and other things that could effect how we see the eclipse. And of course everytime someone responds everyone else will get those messages too. So that is something to look forward to.

See you in the future!

Solar Eclipse 2028!, Brisbane, QLD händelse

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