onsdag, 09. september 2020, Online, Advanced Photoshop Class (5 Week Class Now Available Online)

från 09. september 2020 - 2:00
till 07. oktober 2030 - 4:00


Advanced Photoshop Workshop With Stephen Burns

This A 5-week workshop that begins with advanced approaches to digital manipulation with the use of Adobe Photoshop CC.  The class goes into a deeper approach to image management and manipulation for creating dynamic imagery for a variety of applications. 

Each session will meet once a week from 7pm to 9pm for 5 weeks. Every class meeting will cover a different aspect of thePhotoshop creative process to take your work toward a more professional level. 

The workshop is for those who already possess a basic knowledge ofPhotoshop and wish to take their skill level to the next level. We will work extensively with Channels, Layer Masks, nondestructive workflow and concept creation. This Class will cover:

1)nondestructive approach to creating using Layer Masking

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2)creating selections from channels

3)understanding LAB & other color spaces

4) Effective use of Adjustment Layers and much more.


5) Using a more professional Photoshop work flow to pull your


vision toward a strong singular concept.


6) 3D workflow inside of Photoshop



Seating is limited to eight students only so reserve now!For any questions please contact Steve at:(901 494-0553

email www.chromeallusion.com

Väder för Advanced Photoshop Class (5 Week Class Now Available Online)

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Advanced Photoshop Class (5 Week Class Now Available Online), Online händelse

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