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Anywhere in BC

Anywhere in BC
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JDRF is pleased to share a limited supply of free copies of the latest version of When A Child Has Diabetes exclusively to parents of children living with Type 1 Diabetes in Canada. If you would prefer to donate in honour of a newly diagnosed family please order your book here and donate directly to JDRF. 

From Amazon: 

"Updated edition of one of the most highly respected resources on juvenile diabetes, from the Diabetes Team at the world-renowned Hospital for Sick Children.

For the parents and caregivers of over 15,000 children diagnosed with diabetes every year, the key to successful diabetes management is to learn as much as possible about juvenile diabetes. Armed with this knowledge, they will be able to improve quality of life for both their children and themselves.

This new edition offers the latest medical expertise, based on current research and standards for diagnosis, and features an even more user-friendly format, case studies, charts and Question and Answer sections. A must-have for anyone caring for a child with diabetes, When a Child Has Diabetes covers the causes of diabetes, current and evolving treatments, blood glucose management, meal planning, associated conditions, strategies for adjustment and much more. With its friendly, approachable style, this comprehensive and supportive guide will help parents and children learn the hands-on skills needed for at-home diabetes care so they can all live happy, healthy lives.

Yes, I want to to receive a copy of "When a Child Has Diabetes" - a book by Sick Kids Hospital endocrinology team, Anywhere in BC händelse

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