tisdag, 05. januari 2021, Greene Hook, Jersey City, NJ, Raun and the Soul Miners

från 05. januari 2021 - 1:30
till 03. januari 2023 - 2:30

Greene Hook, Jersey City, NJ

Greene Hook, Jersey City, NJ
United StatesJersey City70 Greene Street
Raun and the Soul Miners/ 2021 dates! / Green Hook JC and other venues TBA

About this Event

Born in India and hailing from a musically diverse family, Raun is a prolific session player with perfect pitch, whose main musical domain was blues, rock, folk/bluegrass and rockabilly. His solo performances in the most acclaimed venues and productions, attested and separate him from his compatriots. He could also play some mean and dexterous bop-influenced jazz guitar. At the root of his sound is a deep blues core, which manifests itself in a plaintive crying tone that affect the whole industry. For many years, his signature style – which was loud and funky also uses rock-style amp feedback and highly stylized soundscapes.
The Soul Miners, his ensemble of choice, to perform his selected musical material, consists of an equally prominent star line up featuring; Patrick McArthur (co-Vocals, vocal recording artist), Dan Roorda (Bassist, founder of Buzzkill, punk pioneers from New Jersey with numerous TV appearances and other accolades), Dave Brakefield (Drums, legendary session drummer for Johnny Cash, Carter Family, credits also include Allman Brothers and many more), Joe Raposo (Keys, highly prolific music composer and session player)
Don’t miss Raun and the Soul Miners performing every other Monday night at Greene Hook, Jersey City, starting Monday, Jan 4, 2 0 2 1 !

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