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the ashton pub

the ashton pub
United KingdomLong Ashton
You are Invited to a informal chat to find out more about what Passive & Residual income is, it's where you can find out more about the different companies i represent that provide anyone with the opportunity to earn an extra income along side any current commitments.

I love helping people, theres nothing more rewarding than seeing someone else achieve their dreams, because of the help and encouragement you have given them.

I am keen to help as many other people I can, if you are someone who has a can do attitude & are willing to learn new skills, so that you live the life you dream of.

Its crazy that so many people keep doing the same things on a daily basis, but expect different results. you have to do something different in order to change things.

There are NO GET RICH schemes that involve no work, you have to work hard to & have fun along the way, but the traditional selling your time for money isn’t going to help you get time freedom, and this is ultimately the dream life, enough money coming in so can you chose what you want to do each day with the time and people you have in your life.

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This is a must for anyone who is interested in earning an extra income with opportunities extending throughout the UK, for people who want a little more out of life.

This is a FREE. no obligation event.

Please book a free ticket so I can let the Venue know how many people could be attending.

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