fredag, 19. november 2021, Noosaville, Education in Love Series - Loving God

från 19. november 2021 - 18:30
till 27. november 2021 - 16:30


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PLEASE NOTE: Dates listed for this group are tentative only.  The group has yet to be confirmed.
Please do not make travel or accommodation arrangements to attend this group until the group and your place in it has been confirmed to you directly via email.

Loving God - Details
This group is the final group in a series of eight groups, designed to provide participants with a soul based education in love.
This group will focus on the following major themes and subjects:
- How to have a truly loving relationship with God
- How to continually grow closer to God
- Giving love to God
- Appreciating God's Gifts to us in daily life
In order to attend this group you must register on this page.
If you register and then find that you cannot attend please cancel your registration IMMEDIATELY.
In order to cancel your bookings simply log onto Eventbrite using the email address that you used when you registered your you log on you will see a list of your tickets. When you click on each one it will give you the option to cancel them individually.It is very unloving to register and then not attend or cancel your booking at the last minute. This limits other people from attending in your place and also creates unnecessary work for those who are managing bookings and logistics for the event.
Pre requisites for attendance of this group
Each participant must have attended or viewed the entire recordings of each of the following groups:

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2014 Introduction to Love Assistance Group
Group 1 - Developing My Will to Love
Group 2 - Developing My Loving SelfGroup 3 - Understanding God's Laws of Love
Group 4 - Understanding Sin & Its Causes
Group 5 - Removing the Causes of Sin
Group 6 - Engaging God's Laws of Love
Group 7 - Receiving God's Love

(Recordings for each group can be found on the Divine Truth Youtube Channel)
For detailed information about this series of groups please visit the following links:
Series Overview & Introduction

Education in Love Series - Loving God, Noosaville händelse

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