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The Processing Bar Salon

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After working behind the chair for years and owning a salon, it was time for a change. I immersed myself in education, learning from everyone and anyone. My fast paced nature and short attention span led me to realize there has got to be a simpler way of doing things.  So I came up with techniques to create effortless lived in hair. A realistic way to work behind the chair, the MANE WAY.  With the outpouring of support from our industry, I took a chance on teaching others what I do. And I absolutely love it! 
 What to expect from my class...
First of all I’m just like you, a stylist. The way I do hair is realistic and the goal is to work smarter not harder.  You will learn the Mane Way,  how to create lived in hair, wassup transitions allow an app to a six month grow up. I will share how to build your own brand and the magic behind capturing the perfect Mane Look.
2 Models | Demo only
xoxo Mane Chick

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