fredag, 13. april 2029, Garland, Chat Reunion Party AKA ****'s Snow Day.

från 13. april 2029 - 19:00 till 19:05
United StatesGarland1401 Northwest Hwy, Ste 12175041
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8 personer som deltar
Hey, your probably saying this **** is effin nutz or why the **** not? Why not tempt fate? Most of us won't be around when this party happens, so ya can say you'll attend knowing **** well you won't be... AND if you do find yourself still kicking, AND some of us plan on living forever BTW... be sure to keep the next generation informed by taking a few pictures and posting them somewhere in the current river of info. : )...

Chat Reunion Party AKA ****'s Snow Day., Garland händelse

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