lördag, 25. september 2027, Australien, AFL Grand Final 2037

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2037 AFL Grand Final
(Note Facebook only allows events within the next 10 years hence the dates being slightly off)

Its the year 2037, The Redbull-MCG has been turned into a "safe space" for offended youth to gather. The majority Greens Victorian government has placed a ban on Australian Rules Football due to the unethical practices involved in producing Sherrin Footballs causing mass relocation of clubs from their Victorian heartland. This also spelt the end for the last remaining manufacturing industry in Victoria and the ANZFL was left without a home for the Grand Final.
The cash strapped MCG and MCC were unable to agree on terms for hosting the Grand Final following cost overruns on the Eddie McGuire statue on the South-Western concourse facing the Collingwood Crows' former training facility, Guangzhou Automobile Centre. Agreement for Grand Final hosting rights which expired in 2036 was yet to be renewed with WA Premier Sir Adam Gilchrist offering to host the Grand Final on the basis of every other state failing to surpass the quality of Perth's Optus Stadium some 20 years on despite the share of GST they take from WA.
ANZFL boss Chris Judd accepted the terms of the new agreement allowing the Gold Koast (sic) Kangaroos and Rotorua Rebels a venue for the much anticipated Grand Final.
In a prepared speech to notfakenews first at 2, Sir Gilchrist "thanked the ANZFL for their decision and looked forward to their viewership, promising the match would be an absolute spectacle"

AFL Grand Final 2037, Australien händelse

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