lördag, 23. oktober 2077, kanada, Fun In The Post-Nuclear Sun: Fallout Pen & Paper

från 23. oktober 2077 - 0:00
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Adventures in the ruins of the Old World, GM'd by yours truly. For those wondering, we'll be playing a d10-based Fallout RPG.

I don't know exactly WHEN we'll be playing, though. I have set a placeholder date. Also: feel free to invite people you think might be interested.


You'll find yourselves in a new region of Fallout's post-nuclear America, far separated from California, Nevada, and the cliche-ridden ruins of Washington D.C. Don't worry, though, it will contain all the post-apocalyptic tropes and Fallout staples you know and love.

A tropical paradise, dotted with ruined cities and military bases for you to explore, populated by the usual spectrum of psychotic raiders, hard-bitten settlers, dysfunctional robots, and bizarre mutant flora and fauna for you to interact with. It's sure to be the giant mutant bee's knees!

*If you have no idea what Fallout is or what the setting is all about, read the excellent guide found at and then feel free to ask me as many questions as you need to.

To save time, I will be providing pre-generated characters for each interested player, to be selected at random, because that's how we're rolling these days. I trust you guys to be able to step up to the role-playing challenge. Your party will start your adventure in the same location, together.

Until then:

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Fun In The Post-Nuclear Sun: Fallout Pen & Paper, kanada händelse

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