lördag, 01. oktober 2022, Indianapolis, "The REVIVAL" 1v1 All Styles | IUPUI Hip Hop Dance Crew

1v1 all styles
Prize: 1st-100.00

5.00 competitor fee
(Admission earnings will go towards buying food during games/movie nights and such for the organization)

IUPUI Hip Hop Dance Crew is now under new management and making vital changes for the future. A great amount of people has collaborated and donated to make this organization a possibility again and I can't thank them enough. As a gift, we are celebrating the REVIVAL of the club with a series of various events for 2017 each month.
Also, we will have the beautiful Amanda Stinson running a bake sale! If you haven't had her cupcakes before just know that you're missing out. All earnings will go towards her labor and the organization for future events!

PLEASE NOTE. The date is not the actual date. Just plan for February for now until i get confirmation. But plan on the event to be held on a WEEKDAY. I know it's an inconvenience for out of towners....but the reason for this is because i will need the campus center to be busy during school hours so that we can have sign ups for the organization going down during the event.

In the future, jams will no longer be during the week.

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Judges TBH
MC Shaun "Saber" *****

More info coming soon!!!!!

Once again, thank you for everyone's help.
-yours truly,
Sockie Phommachanh

"The REVIVAL" 1v1 All Styles | IUPUI Hip Hop Dance Crew, Indianapolis händelse

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